A quick braindump on masking and vaccinations

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A quick braindump on masking and vaccinations

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I don't get the current widespread anti-science/anti-healthcare views being taken by so many people, particularly in America, regarding how we're combating the COVID-19 pandemic. It breaks my heart seeing so many people I know coming out loudly and proudly as anti-vaxx on Facebook. I just wanna shake them!

That said... Well, let's talk about it! Here's a shortlist of things that come to mind when talking about this pandemic.
  • Masking isn't about you; it's about us. The SARS-CoV-2 virus, responsible for COVID-19, can be spread by exhaling tiny droplets of moisture, which carry the virus out into the surrounding area. Wearing a mask prevents our expelled moisture from traveling much beyond our own faces, keeping transmission of the virus under control.
  • "Masks don't work!" Put a mask over a mister and see what it does to the mist's flow. Now go sit down and think about what you've learned.
  • Masks don't reduce your blood oxygen content or otherwise put you at risk; surgeons where much higher quality masks for far longer under stressful conditions without a single problem. You can wear your cheap, thin masks without fear, I promise.
  • Vaccinations and long-term effects: Our bodies absolutely wreck the vaccines -- they are foreign substances, and fragile ones at that. They exist long enough to teach our immune system a thing or two about roughing up SARS-CoV-2 when it comes a-knocking, but it quickly falls apart and is processed as waste in our bodies. Any side-effects of the vaccine would be seen within a couple weeks as there isn't anything left of it afterward to cause longer term effects. Vaccines aren't comparable to medications taken everyday when it comes to long-term side effects.
  • The vaccines have been tested and shown to work; you are not "part of an experiment" if you take the vaccine.
  • Vaccines have been put forth by multiple pharmaceutical companies. If you don't trust them, have you also foregone using any of their other products? If not, why not?
  • Just get vaccinated, mmmkay?
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