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Why do Christians Practice Apologetics?

Posted: Fri Aug 06, 2021 2:34 am
by Rick
Why do Christians practice apologetics?

I'm not saying this to scoff or mock, but it seems to me to be literally a waste of time. According to the Bible, there are two types of people: believers and unbelievers.

Unbelievers are said to be "spiritually dead," while believers have been quickened or made alive by the Holy Spirit, and the Bible specifically says that "spiritual things are spiritually discerned"; therefore, how can unbelievers be expected to accept the Bible as factual when it claims that they cannot?

In other words, if the Bible is true, then of course unbelievers are going to come up with some other solution, while believers will see the truth.

This means that apologetics, from the point of view of the Bible, isn't very useful for reaching unbelievers but is just a way for Christians to preach to choir, so to speak, for them to try to convince themselves that there is substance to a faith that demands only, well, faith.

So when believers spend millions of dollars a year to promote groups like Answers in Genesis, it just looks ridiculous to those of us who aren't a part of the faith.